• The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.  M.F.A. in Film and Media Production, May 2014.

• Rice University, Houston, TX.  B.A. in Spanish Literature and Art & Art History, May 2002. Magna Cum Laude. 



• Hunt, Gather  (2015 - present) – Editor

           Cutting video content for clients including Dell, the Environmental Defense Fund, AMD and others.

Hanger Management  (2019) – web series - Editor

YouTube sensation Rickey Thompson teaches us how to manage our hanger with simple recipes. Produced by Fair Worlds for Tastemade and Facebook.

Let Me Speak - The Sadtles  (2019) – music video - Director, Editor

Found footage music video for the Austin based group the Sadtles.

The Monarch Effect  (2019) – interactive VR180 experience - Editor

Join monarch butterflies on their journey from Mexico to Texas to the Midwest in this VR180 experience. Produced by Fair Worlds for Environmental Defense Fund.

Las Cruces  (2019) – short film - Editor

An American couple meet a local mother and her son while traveling by bus through Guatemala. Written and directed by Vanessa Uhlig.

A Good Omen: EP2 - The Grind to Diamond  (2018) – web series - Editor

Follow competitive gamer Alfredo Diaz as he grinds his way to Diamond status in Rainbow Six Siege. Produced by Rooster Teeth for HP.

The Last Delivery  (2018) – short film - Editor

Rob has no idea what he is getting into when he sets out to deliver a pizza on Christmas night.  Written and directed by Jarrod Yerkes.

Starlets  (2018) – short film - Editor

Where are the Lenz triplets?  Studio executive Biggs Tomlinson finds more than he bargains for when he hunts down the enigmatic child movie stars.  Written and directed by Marten Carlson.

Master and Apprentice  (2018) – web series, 2 episodes - Editor

Marcus, a production designer with 17 years experience, and Adam, a novice cosplay-maker, tackle a pop culture prop, from scratch, every episode.  Produced by Rooster Teeth for Facebook.

Noogie's Time to Shine  (2018) – narrative feature film - Editor

Having pulled off a caper worthy of Edward G. Robinson or Steve McQueen, Ned “Noogie” Krapczak goes on the lam with $3 million in stolen twenty dollar bills.  Noogie works his way down the east coast on this great escape, disguising himself by using the names of characters in some of his favorite movies.  Based on the cult novel by Jim Knipfel.  Written by Erik Horn, Bradley Parrett and Brandon Potter.  Directed by Erik Horn and Bradley Parrett.

Sugar Queen - The Band of Heathens  (2017) – 360 music video - Director, Editor

360 music video for the Band of Heathens single "Sugar Queen."  Directed along with Co-Director Monique Walton, Produced by Hunt, Gather.  Premiered:  Official Selection:  Austin Music Video Festival.

RE Legend Launch Video  (2016) – web video - Editor

Launch video for the Racing Electronics "Legend."  Produced by Hunt, Gather.

All I'm Asking  (2016) – music video - Editor

Traditional music video for the Band of Heathens single "All I'm Asking."  Produced by Hunt, Gather.

• A Force in Nature  (2016) – documentary feature film - Additional Editor

Filmmakers Hayden Yates and Vishwandi Shetti explore the life and creative energy of Icelandic-turned-Texan artist Johann Eyfells.

Skin Tight  (2015) – reality television - Editor

Skin Tight follows individuals who have lost massive amounts of weight and are about to undergo a full body transformation through skin removal surgery.  Produced by Megalomedia for TLC.

Shipping Wars (2012-2015) – reality television, 30 episodes - Assistant Editor (26 episodes), Additional Editor (4 episodes)

A&E's original real-life series Shipping Wars follows six independent shippers who have discovered that fortunes can be made transporting items that traditional carriers won't touch.  Produced by Megalomedia for A&E.

  (2015) – narrative short film - Writer/Director/Producer

Basil’s family is on vacation in Hawai’i when his mother disappears during a morning swim. After searchers fail to find her body, the ten year-old sets out to find her spirit on the Hawaiian path of the soul after death. Maybe, just maybe, he can bring his mother back.  Official Selection: Austin Film Festival (Nominated - Best Student Film), Hawai'i International Film Festival, LA Shorts Festival

My 600-lb Life (2014) - reality television, 8 episodes - Lead Assistant Editor

My 600-lb Life follows the lives of eight people -- each weighing over 600 pounds -- through their year-long journey as they collectively try to lose thousands of pounds.

Each 60-minute episode tells the powerful story of one morbidly obese individual. Many are home-bound, relying on care just to live day to day. They make the courageous decision to undergo a dangerous gastric bypass surgery in an effort to save their lives and change their world forever.  Produced by Megalomedia for TLC.

Cinnamon (2011) – narrative short film - Writer/Director/Producer

Theodore must grant his grandfather's last wish the night before his grandmother's funeral. Single for the first time in sixty-five years, the old man wants the company of a young woman.  What follows is a story about love, memory and the secrets that we keep from those people closest to us.  Official Selection: Texas Filmmakers Showcase, Newport Beach Film Festival, LA Shorts Festival

Paperless Office (2010) – narrative short film - Writer/Director/Producer

Walter, an accountant in his mid 30s, lives with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  On the way to a meeting that will make or break his career he finds himself trapped in a public restroom when his crippling fear and a lack of paper goods leave him unable to touch the door handle.  Walter must overcome his phobias, and be a little creative, to save his career and free himself from the porcelain noose of the restroom.

Instrumental (2009) – documentary short film - Director/Editor

Instrumental becomes a meditation on craftsmanship in the twenty first century as savant guitar maker Bill Collings and his crew of luthiers build some of the finest handmade guitars on the planet, deep in the heart of Texas.  Winner: Special Jury Award for Music - Worldfest Houston

• The Holy Deuce (2009) – narrative feature film - Editor

When his couch surfing friend unwittingly creates a manifestation of the Virgin Mary, Art’s kindness is pushed to the brink, as tourists, religious leaders, and a cult of hedonists clamor to his apartment, sparking a holy war that will leave two friends dead and one forever changed.  Marble Rye Media production, Boaz Dror director. 

• The Other Side of Immigration (2008) – documentary feature film - Assistant Editor

Filmmaker Roy Germano explores the root causes and effects of immigration to the United States from the perspective of the citizens of Michoacán, Mexico.  Roy Germano director. 

Telluride Stories (2008) – 20 part web series - Editor

Shorts that catch up with Telluride Film Festival attendees Jeff Goldblum, Paul Schrader, Greg Kinnear, Lauren Graham, Mike Leigh, Steve McQueen and others. Produced by Super!Alright! Media and published on and 

• Summer Rocks (2008) - 4 part web series - Editor

Music videos featuring Oxford Collapse and We Are Scientists.  Produced by Super!Alright! Media and published on

• SXSW Stories (2008) – 6 part web series. - Editor

Short video anecdotes from SXSW attendees Rosario Dawson, Joe Ely, Josh Brolin, Morgan Spurlock and others. Produced by Super!Alright! Media and published on 

• Billy and Willy (2008) – 4 part web series - Editor

Four shorts that follow Billy Bob Thornton and his band The Boxmasters as they wag chins and pick a few tunes along with Willie Nelson at his ranch in Luck, Texas.  Produced by Super!Alright! Media and published on 

• Sound Asleep (2007) - narrative short film - Writer/Director/Producer

Will has given up on his dreams and taken a job cataloging the paperwork of death.  His life changes, however, when Will notices the music made by the machines of everyday life and decides to re-write his own soundtrack.  Official Selection: LA Shorts Festival

• Cowboy Smoke (2006) – narrative feature film - Assistant Editor

Joe's a suburban convenience store clerk with big dreams of becoming a cowboy so he packs his boots and relocates to South Texas to learn from the real deal. His idea of the mythic cowboy is quickly shattered however when he finds himself holed up in a town that survives on a human smuggling trade.  Official selection of the Action On International Film Festival and the Austin Film Festival.  A Bandwagon Films production, Will Moore director.


Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Draft, Adobe Photoshop



•  Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, Quarterfinalist - "A Brief History of Tim", 2018.

•  Nominated for Best Student Film, Austin Film Festival - "Pō", 2015.

•  Jesse H. Jones Endowed Centennial Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin College of Communications, 2012 - 2013.

•  John E. Mankin, Sr. – Texas Cable & Telecommunications Association Endowed Scholarship, University of Texas at Austin Department of Radio-Television –Film, 2011 - 2012.

•  Warren Skaaren Endowed Presidential Scholarship, University of Texas at Austin College of Communications, 2011 - 2012.

•  Sol Taishoff Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Broadcasting, University of Texas at Austin College of Communications, 2010 – 2011.

•  Mary Ellen Hale Lovett Traveling Fellowship in Studio Art, Rice University Department of Art and Art History, 2002.

•  Cervantes Award for Outstanding Seniors in Spanish, Rice University Department of Hispanic and Classical Studies, 2002.